Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why we march...on the streets

Recently we have heard from a few people about how marching down the street, and not obeying so called "lawful" orders, is antagonizing to the police.  I do not begrudge anyone of their tactics.  Many will be necessary in order to get the point across.  Violating local traffic bylaws, in order to make a civil point, is hardly a new thing.

We do this because it raises awareness in our community, that there are problems in this world, that are not being given the attention they require.  Sometimes it is greed, sometimes it is aparthied, sometimes unjust laws.  But we do this, because the majority of the people haven't seemed to realize that these problems can be solved.  We march, not because we are going to change anything in the upper echelons, but because we need to know that we have solidarity in our community, and we need to be able to express that.  And have it expressed in return.

Many people honked their horns, raised their fist's, and shouted their support, as we marched.  Because they too understand that you must create a scene in order to get heard.  You must express your indignation, by whatever means are afforded to you.  This does not mean sitting in some office.  To us, it means going out into the community and raising our voices.  Send an email to your MP.  Now tell me, how did that actually change anything?  Your MP gets hundreds, if not thousands of emails a day.  Do you really believe that they have the time to read them all?  And if writing a letter, or meeting with your MP, doesn't change his or her mind, or make a compromise(assuming they even have the power to do so), then basically, you've wasted your time.

So you decide to get involved with one of the constituent groups, or one of the parties.  But once you've spent some time working with some of these people you begin to realize that they are only holding on to their own personal power.  And you see they want more.  So they will work for whoever gives them more power.  Usually, the corporations.  Notice, in a few cases anyway, that MP's of poorer regions, have the most to say on social justice issues.  There's a reason for that....

I want communities to have power.  I want to see the people that want to stand up and fight.  Who are willing and able(or not so able) to say "I stood up for what was right when the time came to do so."  The states law's, and it's actions are wrong, and the people are finally finding their voice.  Don't paint negatively, those who are willing to make a scene.  Those who are willing to go the extra mile, to make sure the point gets heard.

The marches are getting larger and larger.  The established order is getting a little jumpy.  The people who are marching are giving the rope to those who would oppress us.  Those who would violently take away our rights and our humanity.

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