Monday, June 11, 2012

Thomas Mulcair. Supporter of Apartheid

“I am an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and in all circumstances.” 
~Thomas Mulcair

I am a little more than troubled, that the ndp would elect thomas mulcair, as the head of the party(though not surprised).  He actively supports apartheid, and as such, shows a lack of consideration for the people who are being violently oppressed under the israel regime.  And to use doctrinal language, shows there is no room for comprise on this man's opinions.  He will always support israel, even when they commit apartheid on a daily basis, even when they drop phosphorus weapons on schools and hospitals.  This disgusts me.  It disgusts many of you.

“My in-laws are Holocaust survivors. Their history is part of my daily life. That’s why I am an ardent supporter of Israel in all instances [French for the different institutions that make up a country] and circumstances.”

Oh, so just because you had relatives who died in the Holocaust, means you get to use it to justify the same type of violence committed against the Palestinians?  Ya, ok, that TOTALLY makes sense..  In dream land.  I used to support the ndp, back when I thought there was still a chance the system might actually work.  I've known for awhile now though, that it doesn't matter which dip you elect, you'll always end up with someone who isn't really working in the interest's of the people.

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