Saturday, February 15, 2020


I recently had an opportunity to visit the cells in downtown vancouver. All in all, I saw the inside of 6 different cells, 5 or which I could easily see were filthy. And the only reason for that, is because the jail pigs didn't let me stay long enough to inspect.
Thankfully, no bugs other than fruit flies. But everywhere, I could see old puke, spit, piss, and was that a turd? ya, pretty sure that was a turd. I'm not asking for ritz carlton or some shit, but just that the fucking pigs actually clean the cells. I realize you're pigs, and they you live in dirt, but that doesn't mean the rest of us want to be exposed to genuine biohazards. Just because you feral hogs, SAY that I did something wrong, doesn't mean I did, even according to your so called victim. Who told you the EXACT SAME FUCKING STORY, as I did.
Mary wasn't the most honest person. Not with herself, not with others. Which the pigs well knew. It took a long fucking time for me to understand that, because all my adult life has been about honesty.  My younger days, not so much, but that's another story, on my mother probably recollects well.  But I never saw her lie about being in pain.
But I did learn to understand it. Partially because of my past expereince, and partially because I understood trauma on an instinctual level.  And partially because of my total empathy for those that deserve it. And she fucking deserved. It was never fucking pity. I think she understood that, even though she misconstrued it as pity sometimes. I know she knows I suffered my own shit, and that she would never compare, but I can tell you, her's was worse.
Through it all, I know she suffered a shit ton. More than I can ever imagine. She did what she did to cope. she said what she said to cope. I took it personally sometimes, Who wouldn't? We were together for 8 years. I raged on fb, (to friends only, for the most part, I could have made a mistake, usually using custom and making sure she couldn't see it) Anyway, we both have our issues. Her's, mainly that she's dead. And mine, that I'm alive. Viva la vie?
Fuck the police. Fuck the police. FUCK EM!
If you don't know, a pig broke her leg.  They left her in cells for 20 hours. FOUR fucking times, they brought her to see the nurse. FOUR FUCKING times, the brought her in a wheelchair, because her leg was fucking BROKEN, and she couldn't walk. FOUR FUCKING TIMES, "she's faking it"
The surgeon said they shouldn't have waited so long to bring her in. And there was no reason for it, considering the swelling. The nurse couldn't tell there was a MASSIVE FUCKING amount of swelling?


It is not your job to judge these people you bring into custody. You are supposed to be impartial. But you aren't. You're fucking feral hog pig scum. You wonder why you get such flack from the general public?

It's because of how you act.

Grow the fuck up pigs.

About 2 months before she passed, I started having suspicions that the surgery had failed. We were still waiting for the doctors... The pain she was dealing with was immense. The added stress of the prosecution asking for jail time after their pigs broke her leg, was too much. The fact that the state refuses to offer a safe supply to users, led to her death.

She just wanted to end the pain for a bit. She didn' try to kill herself. But there is no safe supply on the streets of vancouver. People want fentynal. Dealers sell it. She wanted. The first week we were together, she was using a fentynal patch. I had no idea what it was at the time. No clue.

Full circle, the shit killed her, because she just wanted heroin, but there could be no safe supply in a fascist state that want's people to fucking die.

Wrote half of this a while ago, and half of this today, but I started about half way through, so here's the rest of what I wrote whenever I actually wrote this(about a year I think, but I"m sure the pigs could tell you)

, nor does it mean you should anyway, as I'm pretty sure your job involves impartiality, not that you scumfucks care tho, right? How is that constitution act toilet paper working out?
Also, pretty sure that peeps need their methadone in the morning you stupid fucks. I don't give a shit what your policies say, if people are withdrawing, you have a duty to assist. But it's not like you give a fuck about the people you arrest. Hence why you jail pigs got 2 fingers from me. Put my hands on the wall? OK!!
Fuck you. You're exposing people who are already sick, to more sickness. Ya, some may already be sick, but you fucks gotta clean up after that shit. Hey, the world isn't fair, if that's what you were gonna say, pig. (don't you love getting that shoved in your face??)
Oh, and to the pig that said I had nothing to worry about, not only are you fucking sadistic piece of shit, you're a bottom feeding piece of shit too.
Hope you all die slow painful humiliating deaths like my father did. He didn't deserve it. But every single one of you pigs does.
On a side note, NEVER TALK TO PIGS!
#ACAB #FTP #YesAllFuckingPigs

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why we need to be intersectional.

You know why we on the left have to be intersectional? Because those on the right have been at it for years. Think about it, those who hate, hate everyone, and will believe anything. So it isn't hard to see that those on the right would be willing to work with eachother more willingly. Militias, KKK, white pride groups, libertarians, and conservatives/republicans have been working together for, well, just about ever.

This is easy for them. With such a low value moral compass, they are unable to discern right from wrong, and can't be bothered checking facts and sources, because quite plain and simply, they're fucking lazy scumfucks.

We're in a very dark time in human history. And it's gonna get worse before it gets better. And liberals(and everyone else really) needs to stop being so resistant to the idea of intersectional activism. The right hasn't, and it's gotten them trump, and harper. 2 of the most vile racist this continent has ever seen in a leader.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fuck the police: Chapter 3

It's been nearly a year since I've done any real activism. 9 or 10 months since my last video, an 1 week less a year I have lived in Vancouver.
I have lost friends. Many I called friends, but were truly never there for me in the first place, so I really don't give a shit. Now that I don't participate, my life is much quieter. I can sit back, and post online to my hearts content, without having to fear cops busting down the door for some bullshit trumped up reason. I can walk home, without having to fear porkrott(#109322) and friends following me, harassing me for no other reason than to get a rise out of me.
I give it to them, because fuck them. They want to play games with peoples lives? What gives them the right? A part of me died in london. A good part. A noble part. Shattered, not only by the noises of barnyard animals, but the silence as well. Some made themselves known, and I remember each and every one of you. I can almost fill both hands.
I have always tried to ephasize that I was not the only one. And don't come on here, all self righteous like, and comment, "well you should have known better". I should have known that they were going to target my partner? Fuck you. The only reason they targetted her, was because they couldn't get to me. Except through her. So trump up bullshit on her, and fuck up her life, to get to mine.
Fuck the police.
Thatt's how the pigs in london operated. They spent a year trying to get me, and eventually resorted to physical violence on the street. The nights of constant worry the pigs were gonna come slamming on my door, just to inflict violence on my family, for the sole reason that they're all bastards, well, poor wittle piggies hurt by words, then they should probably stop being piggies...
"Revenge is a dish best served fucking frozen"
Ancient Sith Proverb

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

on conspiranoid nonsense.

 I'm sure that once you start studying (like really studying, possibly even brushing up on basic science, so you know how the world actually works)the facts, you'll understand why we ridicule bullshit.  So that others don't fall into that trap, and waste their time.  Otherwise great fucking activist's, get caught up in conspiranoid nonsense, and waste their efforts promoting utter fucking bullshit.  It's fucking sad.

I'm saying this, because I used to be one of those activist's.  wasting time promoting bullshit.

It's high time, we started working towards solutions to the real issues.  chemtrails, haarp, 9/11, whatever, are bullshit issues.  and they do a really good job of distracting people from the real issues.  Like the state and corporate pillaging of our land water and air.  Or the destruction of our freedoms and rights.  Or the missing and murdered indigenous women.  Or any number of things, the real issues.  The things that really matter.

Illuminati may control the world.  so what?  What can you really do to stop them?  Uh, nothing.  Not when you've already figured out they can do whatever they want.  It's a false premise, and a dangerous one.  It leads people to do nothing about the real issues.  Because it's all controlled from above. (other's can probably explain this point a hell of a lot better, and I invite them to do so)

Anyway, the truth is, if you're an activist, you know that this is a struggle.  It's not a one time thing.  We can and do win victories.  But I doubt that I will ever stop struggling against the bullshit that our society spits out.  I won't stop speaking out against injustice.  I won't stop speaking out when someone tells others lies, whether they knew it or not.  I will be nice about it, for a time.  But there will almost always come a point, where the true believers will just piss me off.  Because they hold on to their dogma, won't let it go, and even when you've tried your best to educate them, and even post links, the believers will choose dogma, over science, over logic, over reasoning.  Every. single. Time.

It gets really annoying.  I've blocked a lot of people over the past couple of years, because I just can't handle blind foolishness, and willful ignorance.  Same as the bible thumpers is how I see it.  Only instead of ancient mythology, it's modern mythology. Bullshit always gets the same response.  And I'm not afraid to challenge bullshit.  Logic and reasoning skills are good to have, and they go a hell of a long way.  Also, knowing the facts helps too.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cowards can't stand being filmed.

2 nights ago, I was arrested in my home, for filming the police as they broke down my door.  The angriest looking cop I have ever seen, rushed in the door, and pulled me into the spare room, and roughed me up, because of a camera phone.  Pointed in his general direction.  Btw, the look of rage is not something I have ever seen before, even on my own face(and I know, I can get pretty ragey)

So, he pulls me into the spare room, pushes me up into the corner, and arrests me for having my camera up. In his disclosure, the police lie, and say that I aggressively walked towards him.  The video proves otherwise. It'll be interesting to see if they raid my house because of this video, since they know it exists....however, It's well protected away, you're not going to find it, or recover it off of any of my devices.  Gotta love secure erase tools. :D

I spent 15 hours locked in cells.  And told that if I wanted to get out of there, I'd need a surety, and a different address.  Or that if I was willing to stay in cells overnight again, my lawyer advised that I could probably get out with no conditions.  However, I was not willing to spend another night locked up, bullied, and intimidated.

I made a mistake.  However, after 15 hours in cells, you aren't thinking about other people.  Especially when all you want to do is get out.  But my mistake was in agreeing to reside at the Salvation Army.  Because now it's mandated that I use up a bed, instead of someone who really needs it.  No explanation was ever given for those conditions, and my lawyer fought long and hard to remove them, but the crown wouldn't budge, and apparently, wouldn't say why either.(fuck you for that asshole, yes mr crown, I'm talking to you)  You'd think, that they'd have to explain why they are fucking with your life.  Also, bail conditions are not supposed to be punitive, excessive, or repressive.  Of which, this condition fits all 3.  They are punishing me for my political views.  There is no reason to have me sleep somewhere else.  I'm still living in my apartment.  I'm there right now.  And not a damn thing they can do to stop me.

3 plainclothes were at the SA when I showed up last night.  For some reason, all pigs seem to think I want to talk to them.  I don't.  Leave Mary and I alone.

Did I mention, the reason they busted the door down, was because they're "afraid for their lives".  Seriously, that's what the warrant says.  Which means that porkrott 109322 is a cowardly little pissant, who can't stand a camera being pointed at him.  Because capturing photon's is fucking dangerous.

Not the first time this has happened.....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

greg the goof renouf sinks to a new low

Since some of you may not know who greg is, let me tell you this.  You don't want to get to know him.  The only reason you should visit his site, is if you want to learn more about how idiots purporting to be journalist's can get away with defamation for long periods of time.  Or, if you just want to see some internet twits trolling me.

Calling him a journalist is like calling me a rocket scientist.  I only the basics of rocket science, and none of the math.  well, other than mass x accelleration equals force.  He knows the basics, but not the really advanced stuff, like checking your sources, or libelous post's lead to libel lawsuits...


This post by greg, has been making it's way through social media circles over the past couple of hours.  Ali Mustafa was a freelance photographer, who was in Syria, trying to get the story in a wartorn nation.  Because we need to have the truth, and he knew that.  But he was killed, when a bomb was dropped by state forces.

Ali Mustafa was more than just a photographer, and perhaps, it failed to dawn upon greg, that people can be more than one thing.  Ali was an activist, and a writer, and maybe even a revolutionary(I don't know, I never met the man..) who wanted a better world.   And I've been told that he had my brothers back in dangerous times in Egypt.

This style of attack, questioning his "credentials" as a photographer, attacking a man who died, while reporting in Syria, trying to get out the story of what's happening there, and how it changes people, is akin to what the westboro baptist church does.  They go and shit on the lives of people who have died serving others.  Because their god told them.  Only with greg, he has no excuse.  He has no bible to hide his hatred behind.  So it stands on its own.  For this gross and disgusting poke at a man WHO JUST FUCKING DIED, gregs new nickname shall be "westboro"

I'm not kidding, I want this to stick.  Because the shit this asshole has been dishing out to people who've done nothing wrong, is beyond contemptible.  And now, he attacks a dead man. fucking shameful.

Btw, the Star also called him a writer greg.  Why didn't you mention that?  Could it be, because he's ten times the writer you'll ever be?  Jealous much?  Didn't want to draw attention to that fact? damn eh?

I'm posting Ali's blog here.  If you're familiar with the goofs blog, you'll immediately see the difference in quality and composure.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ohm: Resistance is FUN!!!!!

Err, that's what the state would have you believe.  I happen to believe in even small victories.

A particularly heinous individual, who happens to be an actor in uniform, carrying a real firearm,(I don't think we should let actors have weapons that work, lest they act dramatically, and tragically, kill someone... rip Sammy Yatim and the millions of people killed by those with "authority") has leveled some pretty serious harassment, against my partner and I.

My partner, happens to suffer from PTSD, and as such, is triggered when rather porcine members of the public, who knock on our door, and threaten us, and shine their flashlights through our windows, and bang on the glass, nearly hard enough to break it, and call and call and call and call and call and enter the house without any permission.  All, apparently, in accordance with his duties.  (I don't really believe that last part either...especially when he left the plastic handcuffs on our doorknob.)

For a "bail check".

A bail check, that was never successfully completed, (:D :D :D)because in order for the pig to do so, he would have had to violate our rights.  And he knows it.  Why else would he not bother getting a warrant?  Why not, if you're allowed to harass someone, why not just open the door and harangue them in their home?  BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED PIG!

Oh, BTW, stay the fuck off my property.  I confirmed with a landlord.  I have every right to ask anyone to leave the properly, or they can and will be charged with trespassing. So pig, next time I ask you to leave the fucking property, leave.  :D  Oh, and one more thing... I know you're reading this, so in closing, Fuck you 109322. :D :D :D  How many other homes have you invaded?  Without cause?
I took this selfie just for you. :D ☮
And I'd just like to let the world know, that yes, yes you can resist "bail checks",(better known as hamrassment) and yes, yes you can win battles against the police.  Albeit small ones, it is possible.  Bigger ones are coming, but the harper has to be dealt with too....
FFS ALREADY GHANDI AND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DIDN'T EXIST IN A FUCKING NON VIOLENT BUBBLE.  YOU HAVE TO GET MAD.  So fucking mad, but so focused.  The pigs were put in their place, as was SWiNe.. Like at Elsipogtog where they got mad.  And stopped the transgressors.
Comic Relief
I hope you understand the 2 things I'm bring attention to.  But the main idea behind it.  That is, resistance is not futile.  It's fun!!  Burning cop cars is so much better than burning tarsands oil in our communities...