Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bigoted twits: 0 Londons Common Front: 1

50 minutes.  Well worth it! :D

Ahh, how I love the smell of oppression in the morning.  And early afternoon, and on till the evening.  On June 25th, a group known as the "Centre for Bio-ethical Reform" came to London, Ontario, with their message of misogyny and oppression.  A common front of groups, from the CAW, to Occupy London Ontario, to the London Abused Women's Centre, took to the streets to counter protest these disgusting bigots.  If you don't know what they're about, here is a picture or 2...

 Disgusting eh?

Why yes, that is a coat hanger in my hand...

These disgusting bigots have been travelling across country, attempting to desecrate the rights that women have had for 40+ years.  They are well funded(obviously) by an AMERICAN church.  Yes, thats right, even pro-life outsources their actions now.  

What I find absolutely hilarious, is that these morons are attempting to do the same thing pro choice activists did 40 years ago, thinking that they are "taking back" the tactic that helped women win their freedom.  When in reality, all they are doing is exposing themselves as sexists and misogynistic parasites on the human race.

Their use of graphic and obscene material to "attract" people to their cause, is backfiring.  More and more, people are showing up to their events to counter protest, because more and more people are realizing, thanks in part to these pictures,  that these people are ignorant and disgusting asshats.  They are doing a better job of dissuading people from their cause than we ever could. :D

I seriously can't wait till my first death threat from these idiots.  I'll be posting the video in as many pro life pages as I can, so that I too, may receive threats of violence from "christians."


  1. That lady is a moron-we need to have unwanted babies to take care of her sorry ass, nah you should start an rrsp or a savings account and stop counting on others to take care of you!

  2. I am so happy to see the CAW step up and show their support!