Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pigs, Bacon, Ham, and Pork. Or how to be a thug.

Recently, the London Police, have been quite aggressive towards peaceful marchers.  Going up to them, and calling them out by name, and singling out a few of the hundred or so people that were marching on the street, and yelling for them to get off the street.

Now, the big problem I have with this, is not that they were telling certain people, and threatening only those people with fines, but that they think that any one of us, would actually listen to these windbag pigs, who in reality, tended to sound like broken records, mindlessly repeating catch phrases, in a slightly dubstepesque manner.*note to self...remix videos into dubstep...

When it comes right down it, the real problem lies with the systemic indoctrination that the baconators are forced to go through.  It forces them to dehumanize others, and instead of talking to people, they talk down to people, and try to force their authoritarian bullshit down the throats of the people.  And if you don't listen to their unlawful orders, be wary, as they might start hitting you with clubs, or pepper spraying you and your friends.  Even though you friends may not have even done anything, nor acted in a threatening manner.  Pigs should have thicker skin than they do.  Multiple times, I've seen overzealous hamslices use excessive force, and violence on people that were never violent towards them.

It seems to be a requirement now, that the baconslabs have no remorse, no brains, and no willpower of their own, to use the discretion given to them by law.  Instead, they resort to last resort tactics first, and assuming you survive, then they'll talk to you.  And if you are participating in a protest, well, you should've stayed home now, shouldn't you...

The other really really big problem I have, is that the pigsters totally and completely ignored the SlutWalk.  It marched on the street as well, and not a porkrind in sight.  Why is that?  Why do the piglets "escort" some street marches and not others?  And seriously, what's with the shite intimidation tactics at those marches they do "escort"?  And the violence perpetuated on people by the hambones on the people leaves a bitter taste in most peoples mouths.  Considering that this country wouldn't be what it is today, if it wasn't for people assembling together, and engaging in civil disobedience.  The only thing that the pigs are doing, is reinforcing the belief that they are not acting in the interests of the people, but in the interests of their political masters, who only wish to suppress dissent.
Never forget, ACAB.

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