Sunday, June 10, 2012

The People Vs. Jason Kenney

On Saturday June 9th, 2012, No One Is Illegal staged the mock trial jason kenney, the Calgary Southeast MP, and current Minister of Citizen, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, in stephen harpers neo-fascist conservative government.  jason, who was not available to attend his trial, was instead represented by a lifesized puppet.  Which ironically mirrors real life, in that jason is only a puppet of stephen.  Both of them should be put back into the box whence they came, and shoved in a storage locker for many years, before being allowed to see the light of day.

Grab some popcorn, this one's about an hour long. :D


So, a little history on this kenney character.   And we'll see just how much of a dim fuckwit this asshole is.  First, we start with George Galloway, MP in great britannia.  George, is a stand up guy.  He donated ambulances, medicine and toys, to the people of Gaza, to ease their suffering at the hands of the israeli Occupation.  But because Gaza has democractically elected Hamas as their leader, jason the authoritarian shit for brains asshole, that he is, and George is pretty vocal in his support of democracy, jason said, "No George, you can't come in.  You're a terrorist."  I paraphrase, but you get the meaning.

jason doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for his ministries actions either.  Like say, removing all references to same sex marriages in policy manuals.  Against the recommondations of the deputy minister.  And when it all came to light, he said, and I quote, "I did no such thing."

Amendments in the immigration act allow for children to be born without a state.   Unless one of your parents is a naturalized, or born in canada, the baby will be stateless.  He would deny people medical care.  If a refugee is having a heart attack, the doctors will do nothing.  Or so the state says in the new rules.

Oh, and one more thing.  Don't forget that he is also responsible for deporting war resisters, people who found out the hard way that they were fighting in an illegal, unlawful, and unjust war, for blood and oil.  People of moral conscience, people who found out later, that they could not justify the actions of the regime they were working for.  But jason kenney, in his infinite wisdom, decided that canada was not to be a place for those of high moral character.  Jason kenny couldn't stand the thought, that there were people in this world, that lived up to a higher moral standard than himself.  And for that, I say we strip his citizenship, as he does not represent the people he was elected to serve.  

The point of all this, is get people to understand that the politicians who have been elected to represent the masses, are not representing the masses.  They are representing their own selfish interests.   Our gov't should be smashed, and a revolution is nessary to remove self serving bastards like jason kenney, and stephen harper from power.  It is not just the conservative party.   The liberals and ndp are complicit in some of these matters.

At any rate, I'm not going to go too in depth right now.   I suggest you take an hour or so, study up on jason kenney.  The wiki's a good place to start.   Check out mainstream and alternative press.  Do your own research make up your own mind.  It's not difficult to see that this man is working against the wishes of The People.  And it's kind of disgusting too.  Fuck jason kenny.

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