Monday, August 20, 2012

The problem(s) with sovereigns...

First off, let me start by saying I claim my own sovereignty.  I do not believe that the government should have any power over people if they aren't doing anything that harms others.  That being said, there does need to be some controls over peoples behaviour in society, but that control is being grossly misused by the state.  So I don't believe that a state that harms others, should have any power to harm people who have done nothing wrong.  Like smoke a joint, or not paying taxes because you don't want to contribute to that same state that harms others.

But, I'll get off topic if I get too much into all that.  The purpose of this post is to outline the serious misgivings I have, with the "Freeman-on-the-land" movement.  Most sovereign's understand that causing harm to others is wrong, but they don't see that the real problem is with the state, not the legal system.  Sovereign's are soooo focused on the courts, and the police, that they miss the big picture a lot of the time, or at least it can appear that way.  They're so focused on the agents of the state, that they forget who the real enemy is.

Yes, lets be paper terrorist's and tie up the courts.  Lets "travel" and cause our vehicles to be impounded.  Lets go to court, and cry foul when they justly or unjustly punish those who refuse to take part in society.  I'm reminded of MICHEAL RASILA, or more commonly referred to as Sir Mika Sovereign on facebook.  Here's a guy, who DROVE on the streets with government issue plates, and was arrested, had his van impounded, along with all his tools, and cried foul on the system.  He never deregistered his vehicle(something your supposed to do if you plan on "travelling") and had a clearly marked license plate on it.  Yet there was so much media attention paid to this idiot, because he made a big scene about nothing.  All his claims are bullshit.

I only point that out as an example.  It is also an example of how sovereignty can be manipulated to serve the selfish ends of fuckwits, with no real sense of responsibility.  Which brings us to the real issue.  That many (not all) sovereign's I've met, do not have a well developed sense of responsibility.  Very selfish, only thinking of themselves, or a small group around them.  The rest of society doesn't deserve their respect.  I agree with that, to a point.  But, the ignorant masses are just another aspect of the big problem.

Now, not all sovereign's are alike.  Obviously....  Many though, don't seem to be aware of the different forms oppression takes.  It's like they've found something, but don't know what it is, and instead of researching more, they blindly hang on to the dogma and lies, instead of trying rationally think things through. Since most seem to come from a conspiracy background, I can't say I'm surprised.  Many a rabbit hole I've been down, but many of these holes are just distractions from the larger picture.

The other issue is the blind belief in any conspiracy they might hear.  I know people that think that the world trade centres were brought down with mini nukes.  Seriously?!!@?!#$?????  A little common sense blows that theory right out the window.  Where are the radiation burn victims?  Where are the radiation babies?

Nibiru comes to mind as well.  I'm sure we would have been feeling the tidal effects by now, of a large mass coming in our direction.  Or seen something in the sky.  Or is everyone astronomer in on it?  Every single one in the world? Really??$?#$!#@$???  K, point made.  Unless you think the world was created 8000 years ago, and god is punishing us and tricking us, despite mounds and mounds of evidence to the contrary.

A critical thought and reasoning is seriously needed within the Sovereignty movement.  A little less blind following, and a little more thinking for oneself.  Which is funny, cuz most of em have at one point or another, yet for some reason, give it up to follow the Rob Menards..  I like Rob, don't get me wrong, but I don't think he is right on everything he's ever said.

I can't fix the problem.  But I can illuminate it.  Time to see the light folks, and grow beyond the selfish distractions.  Yes society is fucked, and yes I've revoked my consent to be governed by it, but that doesn't mean I don't feel sympathy for the uneducated masses.  If you know something, it is time to reach out and tell someone.  Stop being so focused on the self, that you lose sight of the rest of us.  Many sovereign's would make great activist's, but because they're so focused on self, and "MY" rights, they miss out on their RESPONSIBILITIES.  To themselves, to eachother, to the society they've walked away from.  Just becuase you revoked consent to be governed, doesn't mean you just get to live in a fantasy land where society and it's problems don't exist.  It means you have a higher responsibility to tell people about the gross injustice's in the world.

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