Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stephen Orser: Political Ass

 I remember the first time I met stephen.  I was busking, playing my guitar on the ledge of the td canada trust building at Dundas and Clarence, when a man walked up to me and sat down.  Now, usually, I don't pay much attention to those who come and sit to enjoy my music, but steve was a little different.  He had said he just came out of the strip club across the street, and that his wife was "stalking" him.  It sounded like a bad breakup, and it also sounded as if he was reading way too much into the situation.(not a trait I want to see in a politician that's for sure)

Either way, we talked for a bit, but I felt extremely uncomfortable.  Maybe, because in situations like this, where spouses are fighting, and I'm busking, I just don't need the negative vibes, or maybe, I could sense that there was something not quite right with my current audience of one.  I know that I didn't want to have anything to do with this, and he seemed to be looking for some sort of drunken advice from me.  yes, he had been drinking, and it was obvious to me, as I had lived with an alcoholic and could see the signs.  After going back and forth with his wife via texting, I mentioned that it would probably be a good time to go home and get some sleep, as the txting seemed to make him more agitated and wasn't helping the situation any.  Shortly thereafter, he left and I continued to busk.  On a side note, I don't really remember if he put any money in my case or not, but his very presence seemed to scare away people, as during that time(about 20 minutes or so) I made nothing.

Now, lets jump ahead a few years.  It's obvious to everyone that he's had some pretty fucked marriage relations.  Especially when you see this in the paper.  I have no problems with dirty laundry, but it is kind of over the top to be sending your ex-wife shit she doesn't want.  Borders on harrassment.  I've spoken with Cynthia, and based upon my conversations with her, this could be what it looks like or it could just be a vengeful ex.  I'm not going to make judgements, but I will say, that I don't believe someone who can't keep his marriage out of his public life, should probably find a new job.

Lets consider the job now....chickens, secret meetings, trying muzzle citizens and placing anti fluoride pamflets on each councillors desk with nazi symbols on them.  A job which you have to be accountable to the people, but can't even be bothered to think about the things he's doing before he does them.

He is a bloated buffoon, who spends the most money of any councillor, (if you don't count travel expenses, otherwise, Mr. Usher holds that title, but he actually does stuff) and has single handedly made city hall a laughingstock on several occasions.  I'm calling for his resignation.  I would hope that everyone who reads this does the same.  He is not fit to represent a chicken, much less the citizens of London.

For more information, read this freeps article.


  1. The chicken and fluoride issues were and are relevant municipal matters. I agree the man is a buffoon, but please don't associate campaigns that many people worked hard on with this lunatic. It's simply not fair.

  2. Part of the political game might be jumping on a hot topic issue, 'championing' it (read co-opting) around the municipal table and then undermining the issue with idiotic displays making it impossible for some of his fellow councillors to support...which is, perhaps, the point.

    It's called playing both sides against the middle...and the middle appears to be him...his re-election and a presence on the front page of newspapers...which is partly why, perhaps, he makes such outrageous statements to the it makes 'good copy'.

  3. Does Orser have a full time job or did he in the past?