Sunday, August 12, 2012

Activism and Patriarchy


So, I myself can't say that I've been the best ally in the world.  I've made comments that make me cringe now, but it was a little bit of education on triggers that made the web of patriarchy click.  It is, after all, one ways in which the white male uses his privilege to gain and exert control over others.

Recently, I've had some interactions online with people that usually go something along the lines of
Them:"you know, I hate those bitches and whores in power...someone should rape that stephen harper guy"
Me:"you do realize that using language such as that is only going to help perpetuate sexism and patriarchy?"
Them:"stop being a nazi and trying to dictate everything"
Me:"I only asked a question..."(or pointed it out, or whatever)
Them:"stop trying to oppress me"
Me:"I don't think you actually bothered to read what I wrote."

This goes on for a bit, and in the end, inevitably, I end up blocking these people, as they are a brick wall, and a distraction.  Apparently, I am just not capable of changing their mind.  But in reality, I really just don't think they're capable of change.  Nor do I wish to give them a voice, if their voice is going to be one that perpetuates patriarchy and sexism.  Among other things.  Hey, I might agree with these people on everything else, but if they want to perpetuate oppression, then I could care less about how much we agree about the economic system, I will refuse to have anything to do with these people, lest I get some of their bullshit sticking to my shoes.(the local nazi's are a great example of that....)

Now, I get some people who say that I'm the one responsible for making it sexist or racist by pointing it out. To those who say that, GO AND SHOVE YOUR HEAD FURTHER UP YOUR ASS!  That's like saying I'm responsible for Hiroshima and Nagasaki because I pointed out that it happened.  Time to grow the fuck up people...

Then there's the excuse that the words have multiple meanings.  But when you take in context, and historical use of the word in our highly patriarchal society, you can plainly see which meaning the person was using.  Any attempt of this type to distract from the real conversation should be shut down quickly by pointing out which context the majority of people are going to see.  Again, those who try this are fools, only trying to justify their use of patriarchal language, because they think it makes them cool.  Trust me I know.  I used to be one.

I don't know what the answer is, but I do know one thing.  Letting these things just pass you by, and not doing anything to stop it, not doing anything to stop the perpetuation of sexism, racism, or any other form of oppression, will only make things worse.  If I see something, damn skippy I'm gonna say something.  I won't report to the "authorities" as they've already proven to be a bunch patriarchal oppressive dimwits anyway.  But online, I will attempt to destroy any logical fallacies these people present, with the hammer of reason.  And if that doesn't work, well, then I guess that just means we still have one ignorant twit pissin in the gene pool.  But I won't really care by that point, as I've got way more important things to do.  But I can spend an hour a day trying to convince someone to see their error of their words and actions.   And if I get called a nazi for doing so, so be it.  I really don't care about ignorant twits opinions.

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