Monday, August 27, 2012

g.j. rancourt, you sir, are a bigot.

g. j. rancourt has currently been making some waves with his bigotted and ignorant remarks.  I can't say that I'm surprised, as last night, there was another christian service going on.  I heard some very ignorant things being said there to by another minister of some sort, and it's the sort of ideology that pervades many christian churches.  These bigots are the real reason we have people who are marginalized in our society.

"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God..."

Sorry, what ever happened to seperation of church and state?  Why do we let religious bigots of any sort run for political office, and even more, why do we elect them?!?!?

Here is my response to this video.

I attended and marched in the "sex" parade

It was great. We had a "sex" party with No One Is Illegal and Occupy London Ontario at Richmond and central right after. We attended an "orgy" surrounded by "sex" partyers in which I personally had "sex" with my wife, and many others had "sex" with their significant other.

Check it out for yourself.  I took some video.  You can see all the people having "sex".

Since all I saw in this video was someone kissing another person, I felt no reason to judge them, just because it was different than you. Rancourt, you are a bigot. Enjoy the hell you tell everyone else they're going to. WWJD!!!!

Hint: He certainly wouldn't have made a big scene about two people expressing love for one another.


  1. You forgot about the part he said that the LGTB community shouldn't receive health care.

  2. GJ Rancourt Of The Christian Heritage Party Talking About Attending Sex Festival During Prayer Fest:
    A Small Group Of Activists Interrupt GJ Rancourt Of The Christian Heritage Party During One Of His RANTS At His Prayer Fest At The Bandshell In Victoria Park In London, Ontario On Saturday, August 25th 2012 While He Was Talking About Attending A Sex Festival/Party.