Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yo. How's it going. Peace be unto everyone. I come with a message. One, I feel, that must be heard.

We are the people, and we need to stand together. Now more than ever. Our brethren are everywhere, and we can help eachother. We can make a brighter future. 2012 is going to change the world, and we may very well be on the forefront of it. Now more than ever we need to be able to be heard with one voice.

We are part of the one, and the one is part of us. The world is quantum, and infinite in variety, yet we are still finding ways of destroying our little piece of what could be utopia. With all the information we have available to us, we should be able to figure out the problems, and yet, our corporate master's have us in a position of servitude and ignorance, because the very technologies that will free us, are being hidden away by these very same corporations. This is so that ideas such as planned obselence and vaccines are crowed around as necessary, while poverty, famine, corruption, and greed for the almighty dollar, prevail.

I will not stand by any longer. I will not tolerate injustice any longer. I will stand up for my fellow human beings.

Stand with me on this.

We will be free, or die trying.

Thank you

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