Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waking up is hard to do...NOT!!

So, you've been living in the dream world have you? This fictitious place where you think you have these things called rights?

Well, Kinda.

WAKEY WAKEY, EGG'S AN' BAKEY!..mmm...bacon..(as i drool over the keyboard)

You've got some of them. You've also got some responsibilities. Which most of you have never really bothered to be responsible for. You have the right to be a peaceful being living on the soil, in the land commonly known as Canada. Not to be confused with CANADA. <---Thats a corporation.

See, right there for everyone to see. Right in plain sight. Traded on the SEC, in the good od' U.S. of A. So, why are we letting this happen? Why does CANADA need to have shares in the U.S. market? Because this is how they gain their power over you.

At birth, your parents were asked(it was a request in the form of an order...hmmm, that sounds a little fishy too me) to submit an application to register your birth. They did so, because they mistakenly believed that, if they didn't, a group of people would come to their home and forcibly remove their flesh and blood child. Now, most people never let it get that far. This is because they never question the authority behind the request. Because they never had any reason to believe that the reason for the request, was not so that the child could have the benifits of society, but so that the gov't would have a bond over that child, that they could then take and trade on the market. This is not a regular bond, but a futures bond. Based on the amount of money you'll make over the course of your lifetime, as well as your share in CANADA's and Canada's resources. They've traded and have been trading your future, and they've made A FUCKLOAD OF MONEY with that bond.

They say they're administering that money in the name of good. I say they're administering that money on the behalf of the international bankers, in the name of profits. So that the elites stay elite, and the masses, their unwitting servants.

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