Sunday, March 21, 2010

Robert Dzeinski

Remember this guy?

I do. And you know what sickens me about all this? Not the man dying(that's bad enough though) but the fact that the RCMP who MURDERED this man, got AWAY WITH IT, SCOT FREE!

At 4:40 minutes into the video, the RCMP arrive on the scene. Immediatly, you see a couple of them put their hands to their sides, as if reaching for their sidearm.. or in this case taser. 40 seconds later,(5:20) you see the first pig point his tazer at Robert. At 5:30, you see and hear the first shot. After they've surrounded him. He offered no resistance to them. I didn't see any resistance to the police here at fact I see him putting his hands up in defeat. These pigs have been reinstated, and there was never any finding of wrong doing on their part.

BULLSHIT!! I think we can all see what's wrong here. The police, again, overstepping their boundries, and using force, WHERE NONE WAS FUCKING NECESSARY!!!

I think this is an absolute travesty of "justice", and even the inquiry found problems with the investigation. So, FUCK THESE PIGS!! STAND YOUR GROUND!! DON'T GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS!!! And if you get tazered, hopefully you don't die.

Until then, write to your MP. Write to the RCMP. Go and protest any police gathering you can. Cops think they are above the law. ITS TIME TO LET THEM KNOW THAT THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!

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