Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Love Police

You may have noticed, that I recently created a Love Police Division for Canada. This is because I believe in what Charlie Veitch is doing. Regardless of the mistakes he's made, he is Human, just like the rest of us. I do not believe this is a cult. This is a group of free thinking individuals coming together, to spread love, and reduce the rampant fear that is running through the media, making it seem as though there is nothing good anymore in the world.

This has got to stop. I will not stand for it anymore. The media is culpable in nearly all the wars, of the last hundred years. Manipulated by the international bankers, and the politicians at their beck and call, the media continually shows you scenes of death and destruction, in an effort to make everyone more docile. So that it is easy to make the masses think that war is necessary, or even just, when in fact, it is illegal, and morally reprehensible.

Whether you believe me or not, you can't ignore the fact that all of the wars previous to this one(obviously I believe this one as well) were either aggravated like at Pearl Harbor, or like in the Bay of Tomkin incident preceding the Vietnam War, where a false flag event was used to push the U.S. populace into outright agreement to another illegal war.

We must stop this. All this war must be stopped. We must educate the masses about the lie's they've been told. I will not stop fighting until either we've won, and we are free from this gov't tyranny and oppression, or I'm dead. That simple.


  1. I must respectfully disagree: When a credible life threat is posed a certain solution with strong potential for prevention of future threats is the total irradication of the threat and it's source.
    According to my philosophy said solution is desirable.
    See following link:

  2. So let me see if I've got this right. You think that the masses should allowed to walk around blinded? You don't think they even deserve the opportunity to wake up? To be told even? Nevermind the fact that you solution, if i'm reading this right, is that the gov't needs to be destroyed...hmm...might be a little difficult.