Sunday, March 9, 2014

greg the goof renouf sinks to a new low

Since some of you may not know who greg is, let me tell you this.  You don't want to get to know him.  The only reason you should visit his site, is if you want to learn more about how idiots purporting to be journalist's can get away with defamation for long periods of time.  Or, if you just want to see some internet twits trolling me.

Calling him a journalist is like calling me a rocket scientist.  I only the basics of rocket science, and none of the math.  well, other than mass x accelleration equals force.  He knows the basics, but not the really advanced stuff, like checking your sources, or libelous post's lead to libel lawsuits...


This post by greg, has been making it's way through social media circles over the past couple of hours.  Ali Mustafa was a freelance photographer, who was in Syria, trying to get the story in a wartorn nation.  Because we need to have the truth, and he knew that.  But he was killed, when a bomb was dropped by state forces.

Ali Mustafa was more than just a photographer, and perhaps, it failed to dawn upon greg, that people can be more than one thing.  Ali was an activist, and a writer, and maybe even a revolutionary(I don't know, I never met the man..) who wanted a better world.   And I've been told that he had my brothers back in dangerous times in Egypt.

This style of attack, questioning his "credentials" as a photographer, attacking a man who died, while reporting in Syria, trying to get out the story of what's happening there, and how it changes people, is akin to what the westboro baptist church does.  They go and shit on the lives of people who have died serving others.  Because their god told them.  Only with greg, he has no excuse.  He has no bible to hide his hatred behind.  So it stands on its own.  For this gross and disgusting poke at a man WHO JUST FUCKING DIED, gregs new nickname shall be "westboro"

I'm not kidding, I want this to stick.  Because the shit this asshole has been dishing out to people who've done nothing wrong, is beyond contemptible.  And now, he attacks a dead man. fucking shameful.

Btw, the Star also called him a writer greg.  Why didn't you mention that?  Could it be, because he's ten times the writer you'll ever be?  Jealous much?  Didn't want to draw attention to that fact? damn eh?

I'm posting Ali's blog here.  If you're familiar with the goofs blog, you'll immediately see the difference in quality and composure.

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  1. Not only that but the Star had actually picked up its article from the Associated Press but Renouf is so clueless that he completely missed that.