Friday, December 13, 2013

Ohm: Resistance is FUN!!!!!

Err, that's what the state would have you believe.  I happen to believe in even small victories.

A particularly heinous individual, who happens to be an actor in uniform, carrying a real firearm,(I don't think we should let actors have weapons that work, lest they act dramatically, and tragically, kill someone... rip Sammy Yatim and the millions of people killed by those with "authority") has leveled some pretty serious harassment, against my partner and I.

My partner, happens to suffer from PTSD, and as such, is triggered when rather porcine members of the public, who knock on our door, and threaten us, and shine their flashlights through our windows, and bang on the glass, nearly hard enough to break it, and call and call and call and call and call and enter the house without any permission.  All, apparently, in accordance with his duties.  (I don't really believe that last part either...especially when he left the plastic handcuffs on our doorknob.)

For a "bail check".

A bail check, that was never successfully completed, (:D :D :D)because in order for the pig to do so, he would have had to violate our rights.  And he knows it.  Why else would he not bother getting a warrant?  Why not, if you're allowed to harass someone, why not just open the door and harangue them in their home?  BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED PIG!

Oh, BTW, stay the fuck off my property.  I confirmed with a landlord.  I have every right to ask anyone to leave the properly, or they can and will be charged with trespassing. So pig, next time I ask you to leave the fucking property, leave.  :D  Oh, and one more thing... I know you're reading this, so in closing, Fuck you 109322. :D :D :D  How many other homes have you invaded?  Without cause?
I took this selfie just for you. :D ☮
And I'd just like to let the world know, that yes, yes you can resist "bail checks",(better known as hamrassment) and yes, yes you can win battles against the police.  Albeit small ones, it is possible.  Bigger ones are coming, but the harper has to be dealt with too....
FFS ALREADY GHANDI AND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DIDN'T EXIST IN A FUCKING NON VIOLENT BUBBLE.  YOU HAVE TO GET MAD.  So fucking mad, but so focused.  The pigs were put in their place, as was SWiNe.. Like at Elsipogtog where they got mad.  And stopped the transgressors.
Comic Relief
I hope you understand the 2 things I'm bring attention to.  But the main idea behind it.  That is, resistance is not futile.  It's fun!!  Burning cop cars is so much better than burning tarsands oil in our communities...

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