Friday, March 28, 2014

Cowards can't stand being filmed.

2 nights ago, I was arrested in my home, for filming the police as they broke down my door.  The angriest looking cop I have ever seen, rushed in the door, and pulled me into the spare room, and roughed me up, because of a camera phone.  Pointed in his general direction.  Btw, the look of rage is not something I have ever seen before, even on my own face(and I know, I can get pretty ragey)

So, he pulls me into the spare room, pushes me up into the corner, and arrests me for having my camera up. In his disclosure, the police lie, and say that I aggressively walked towards him.  The video proves otherwise. It'll be interesting to see if they raid my house because of this video, since they know it exists....however, It's well protected away, you're not going to find it, or recover it off of any of my devices.  Gotta love secure erase tools. :D

I spent 15 hours locked in cells.  And told that if I wanted to get out of there, I'd need a surety, and a different address.  Or that if I was willing to stay in cells overnight again, my lawyer advised that I could probably get out with no conditions.  However, I was not willing to spend another night locked up, bullied, and intimidated.

I made a mistake.  However, after 15 hours in cells, you aren't thinking about other people.  Especially when all you want to do is get out.  But my mistake was in agreeing to reside at the Salvation Army.  Because now it's mandated that I use up a bed, instead of someone who really needs it.  No explanation was ever given for those conditions, and my lawyer fought long and hard to remove them, but the crown wouldn't budge, and apparently, wouldn't say why either.(fuck you for that asshole, yes mr crown, I'm talking to you)  You'd think, that they'd have to explain why they are fucking with your life.  Also, bail conditions are not supposed to be punitive, excessive, or repressive.  Of which, this condition fits all 3.  They are punishing me for my political views.  There is no reason to have me sleep somewhere else.  I'm still living in my apartment.  I'm there right now.  And not a damn thing they can do to stop me.

3 plainclothes were at the SA when I showed up last night.  For some reason, all pigs seem to think I want to talk to them.  I don't.  Leave Mary and I alone.

Did I mention, the reason they busted the door down, was because they're "afraid for their lives".  Seriously, that's what the warrant says.  Which means that porkrott 109322 is a cowardly little pissant, who can't stand a camera being pointed at him.  Because capturing photon's is fucking dangerous.

Not the first time this has happened.....


  1. hahaha. silly bacons. makes me wonder how dumb they are to fuck with your camera. is that not a tortable action? im thinking it is.

    peace curtis.

    say hello to justin for me.

  2. That must have been awful. There's no reason for the cops to rough you up at your own home. It's too bad you had to endure this. Getting in touch with a lawyer could be an option, depending on what you want to do with the matter. I hope you get through this and don't have to experience this again.

    Kim Hunter