Tuesday, April 29, 2014

on conspiranoid nonsense.

 I'm sure that once you start studying (like really studying, possibly even brushing up on basic science, so you know how the world actually works)the facts, you'll understand why we ridicule bullshit.  So that others don't fall into that trap, and waste their time.  Otherwise great fucking activist's, get caught up in conspiranoid nonsense, and waste their efforts promoting utter fucking bullshit.  It's fucking sad.

I'm saying this, because I used to be one of those activist's.  wasting time promoting bullshit.

It's high time, we started working towards solutions to the real issues.  chemtrails, haarp, 9/11, whatever, are bullshit issues.  and they do a really good job of distracting people from the real issues.  Like the state and corporate pillaging of our land water and air.  Or the destruction of our freedoms and rights.  Or the missing and murdered indigenous women.  Or any number of things, the real issues.  The things that really matter.

Illuminati may control the world.  so what?  What can you really do to stop them?  Uh, nothing.  Not when you've already figured out they can do whatever they want.  It's a false premise, and a dangerous one.  It leads people to do nothing about the real issues.  Because it's all controlled from above. (other's can probably explain this point a hell of a lot better, and I invite them to do so)

Anyway, the truth is, if you're an activist, you know that this is a struggle.  It's not a one time thing.  We can and do win victories.  But I doubt that I will ever stop struggling against the bullshit that our society spits out.  I won't stop speaking out against injustice.  I won't stop speaking out when someone tells others lies, whether they knew it or not.  I will be nice about it, for a time.  But there will almost always come a point, where the true believers will just piss me off.  Because they hold on to their dogma, won't let it go, and even when you've tried your best to educate them, and even post links, the believers will choose dogma, over science, over logic, over reasoning.  Every. single. Time.

It gets really annoying.  I've blocked a lot of people over the past couple of years, because I just can't handle blind foolishness, and willful ignorance.  Same as the bible thumpers is how I see it.  Only instead of ancient mythology, it's modern mythology. Bullshit always gets the same response.  And I'm not afraid to challenge bullshit.  Logic and reasoning skills are good to have, and they go a hell of a long way.  Also, knowing the facts helps too.

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