Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fuck the Police: Chapter 1

2 weeks ago, the cops arrested my partner, Mary Mac, walking home from a friends place after a few drinks.  Supposedly for public drunkeness or some such bullshit, except that lie was quickly overshadowed by who her husband was. So much so, they made sure to drop my name several times, and try to get information about me, via my partner.  They also made sure to let her know that they were bringing her downtown, because of me, and otherwise, they would have just brought her home(or so they say...)

So, they arrested her 4 blocks from home, and took her downtown.  Upon finding out that she was menstruating, they thought it would be cool to ignore her for hours, while she bled down her leg and pants, before finally giving her feminine products..  When they went to fingerprint her, she pulled her hand back, as she had burned it pretty badly earlier that week.  The cop it her in the back of the head.  As they're leaving the room, I guess the cop got impatient at the speed at which Mary was walking.  So he smacks her in the back of the head again.  She probably shouldn't have turned and pushed back, but at the same point in time, the cop  aren't there to use force against someone who's complying. (Mary does nothing but comply with the cops.  I've never seen her raise her voice, and she answers every question, sometimes, to her detriment, so to smack someone in the back of the head, who's had multiple concussions, when all she did was have a pain response, is just a little fucked...ftp)

In the morning at the courthouse, they have her charged with assaulting a pig orficer, but no drunk in public bullshit..  They release her on conditions not to enter any establishment that serves alcohol... Since she works in a restaurant, they allowed it for work only. (fucking stupid, considering she wasn't at the bar that night... and I know, I've been saying she was walking home from the bar, but I was a bit confused about that night up until recently)

A couple of days after she's released, pig #109322 comes to the door, for a "bail check."  Says he wants to come in, and make sure she's not drinking.  At 10 in the morning.  When she's still in pajama's and watching a movie.  This is also the same pig who asked her out on a date, after "searching" her, for "jaywalking" last year.  Mary and I had been having an argument that night, and porkrott said to her, "well my wife just left me too...wanna go out on a date?"  After feeling her up...good job pig.  So when this pig, who makes over a hundred grand a year (
City of London - Police ServicesPOTTRUFFMICHAEL DAVIDConstable 1st Class$101,781.39$460.32)
, to intimidate and harass people, comes over to do a "bail check" on her, she's understandably upset, and it triggers her PTSD.  It also doesn't help, when after informing him he's not coming in, and she's going to call me, he goes and starts banging on all the windows with this thug stick.

I came home that day, after Mary called me at work, and found the pigs were still in the driveway. (at least 20 minutes later) Apparently, they felt a little guilty, and left moment's after my arrival.  Seemingly with their tail between their legs, as they didn't try anything further that day.

A couple of days after that, the same pig comes by again.  He's been warned that he's triggering Mary's illness, and yet, the pig still comes by.  When there's no answer at the door, he then proceeds to rap on all the windows with his thug stick, like the fucking bully that he is.  Terrorizing my wife, who's having a full blown panic attack now.

This happens once or twice more, and then stops.  Mary has been on bail before, and has had conditions before.  Never has a cop come for a "bail check", and even if they have a new program now, why send the same pig, over and over again?  One the cops  know quite well, I ain't gonna say shit to, other than "fuck your hat."  As he's been stalking and harassing us for over a year.

Back to the story, sorry for the sidetrack, I felt it was nesessary to give a little background...

Last night, Mary's good friends Yas Taalat, and Bobby McIntosh, from Dead Celebrity Status came to play at the APK Live.  I knew from past experiences, that Mary wasn't going to bow down to some fucked up conditions, and stay away.  We went for the meet and greet, and I got to meet her friends, and it was a great night.  Until I saw flashlights through the fence out back.

I went out front, saw cops to the left, and cops to the right.  I went back in the bar, to the patio, and my friend checked the back door.  Yup,you guessed it.  Bacon.  Surrounded. They come in, arrest her, take her out the back.  I start yelling at them.  I dare them to give me another summons for saying fuck(as I've already said it loudly several times..maybe they'll give me a summons in the mail...fuckin pigs)

I'm sad and angry.  So much so, I'm shaking.  All of the people I tell this story to, are sympathetic.  None show any love of the cops.  Thank you to all those who showed solidarity and support.

Please help my partner, with her legal costs.  The indiegogo campaign is winding down, and we've only raised about 100$.  I'll be creating another one.  My partner does not deserve to be harassed by the cops, because of my political beliefs.  This is obviously targeting, and since they can't get me for anything more than fucking by law infractions, they're going after Mary.  Fuck the police.  All cops are bastards.(especially the 6 cowards last night)

To those who show exception to my language describing the cops.  You deal with the harassment for over a year, and then, you can chastise me for my language.  And to those who say, "Well, she was on bail, she should have known better" kindly fuck off.  You think I don't know that?  That's not what's up for discussion.

And to the cops who just finished reading this.  Do your job.  Stop harassing activist's.  Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were actually scared that we might actually change something...and cause most of you to lose your jobs, once the system is finally exposed to everyone who can see.  I must be that much of threat to you fucks.  Otherwise, why would you continually harass and intimidate my family and I?  Don't worry though, You've just made me that much more determined.  Enjoy, as I slowly erode the confidence the public has in the LPS.  You guys get double inflation raises, and you don't even have the decency to treat the public like human beings.  Fuck you.  Fuck your hat.  And fuck your thuggish ways.

To be Continued...

[update: she's been released, and will be home soon.]

[update 2: she's home. chapter 2, will be a video tomorrow.]

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