Friday, September 13, 2013

Fuck The Police, or, the beginning of my book on police harassment.

I played this for the pigs as they were "making notes" on my front porch.
Btw, I'm posting this so people know, that yes, pigs are watching my every move.  Yes, pigs are watching my facebook, and no, I don't give a flying fuck.  So far, all they've come at me with is asinine, idiotic by-law infractions.  Go ahead piss weasels, try harder.  Please, I fucking dare you.  Oh, micheal(#109322), you're just making everyone you work with look bad.  You're a fucking asshole, and a fucking disgrace to so called peace officers everywhere....

Thankfully, you're not all assholes,but those who I seem to interact with on a regular basis are. I've met one recently who didn't fuck around with me, and he told me, when I asked about his "buddies" he said "they're not my buddies." Nice solidarity, eh?  I guess even some of your own are starting to see through the cracks. Finally.  Still, a long way to go though...

Anyway, pigs, you don't like being berated by someone who can actually see through your mask?  Then, if you somehow feel the need to enter my house again, IGNORE that feeling.  Since I know you're watching this, you can consider this my notice.  I've given it before, but I guess you're compadres failed to let you know.  Unless extingent circumstances exist, ie, you've got a warrant, or you hear death screams, or you saw a person you know who has commited some crime,(and by crime, like, murder, or assault, or even fraud, I could understand, really, that is your job, and I'm not really in any position to stop a person armed with a gun, a fucking billy club, and steel toed boots)  no COP has permission to enter my house.  Btw, if you did truly notice my door was open, then why didn't you call me first before entering, instead of calling me after you entered?(and why didn't you come in last time we didn't answer the door?  The door was clearly ajar then...)

I'll tell you one thing about today though.. there's nothing better than standing up to a bully and staring at him in the eye, and telling him he's a fucking asshole! :D :D :D

I'll leave you with the words of a friend of mine(I'm sure you already know her name)
"Isn't it terrible ... you feel secure enough in your home to leave it unlocked, for short periods of time whether you're home or not -- and that sense of privacy & security is shattered by the very people we're supposed to trust to protect our privacy & security from intruders and trespassers. There are any number of legitimate reasons for a person to ignore or miss a simple knock at the door (in the shower, napping, having sex, taking meds or other therapy, out for a few minutes, in another part of the house or property, etc) for anyone, police included, assume that that's an open invitation to try the door and then enter is a criminal act and should treated as such -- that's a gross abuse of 'power', and their friggin 'power' is granted by us, I wish we'd eliminate them, save ourselves a bundle of money and have safer communities."

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