Monday, June 17, 2013

Greg Renouf: Pwned

greg renouf, a thorn in the activist community for some time now, is getting hammered online now.  Multiple video's of his have been taken down, he's had to run to another host, in order to avoid having his website taken down.  (possibly several)  If you search "greg renouf" on bing, or google, both major search engines show multiple articles exposing him for who he really is.(including one from this page. :D)

It's gotten to the point, where he's taking down video's before youtube can respond.  Well, a little birdie did let him a roundabout way, that someone might be reporting his video's....(public post, in a place likely to be seen by his "research team{side, side note, LMFAO})

Anyway, I really just felt like making yet another post, to highlight the goofs twittery.  And to make sure that if anyone searches for him, or wants to hire him maybe, doesn't, so that he too can feel some of the burn he's lit under others.

Oh, that and I justed to make sure that I didn't miss any search terms....I'll probably miss a few, but I don't really care..seems to be working so far.  This blog does come up 3rd in a google search. :D  You know what comes up 4th?  The bullshit, misogyny laden "Avoiceformen.goofs".  Which a google search proudly shows that he is a contributor.  Now, greg has come out and said he doesn't wholesale agree with avfm, but at the same point in time, why would you write for them at all then?  Besides, I don't believe that for a second.  His best buds, frank(undercoverkitty) and larry(mccurry), are both misogynistic fucks, who seem to blame women for their problems.  And don't forget about ryan elson.  I mean, who could forget the video about "white genocide".  Oh right, you've probably never seen it.  I think his youtube account got pulled.  Speaking of accounts getting pulled, there's also this,
ryan's old blog.  the internet killed it.  Probably had something to do with ryan's goofiness.

But anyway, I do just so enjoy it when an ignorant fuck, get's shut down.  greg's getting google spanked.  Probably, because he enjoy's libel, defamation, and slander.

EDIT:  undercoverkitty is also down.  taken out for terms of service violations.  Guess that's what happens to idiots who post oppressive crap.  his page is back up, but I'm not going to say where.  lets just say, he's had to piggy back.

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