Friday, April 5, 2013


So, I've noticed recently that the goof, known as greg renouf, has placed a link with my name to a cute little video he made up of me.  i think greg loves me, and I'd have his babies, but I think that the children would be a little confused...  On one hand, a parent who actually cares for people, and the other, an ignorant goof.  The child would probably self destruct.
But that's not why I'm writing this.  As much as I'd love to have babies with the goof, I don't think that bringing children into a world with goofs is a good thing.  Probably not.  The real reason I'm writing this, is to thank the goof.  He has placed me in the same hallowed spot as Harsha Walia.  I know, there are way more deserving people of that spot, but oh well.  the goof isn't all that smart, so I guess we'll just have to forgive him.
Thanks goof, for placing me on the same pedestal that you placed Harsha.  I couldn't ask for a better compliment.

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