Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Greg Renouf: Professional Goof - Featuring

The defamation being done by Greg Renouf, to multiple targets in the past, should make any good activist think twice about associating themselves with him. Now, that defamation has crossed a line, not very many of us, could ever have imagined.

GR, herein known as "the goof" or "goof" or any any such variation, has published a video on youtube that shows parents out at rallies or events with their children, and libels those parents by calling them child abusers, for keeping their children out with them in the cold for "hours." I have been to many activist's events, in the winter months, and not only are those children bundled up well, or right next to the parents body(body heat is cool isn't it?), but I would think that most parents are concerned enough for their children's well being to take them into a warm place if need be. We human being survived with way less bundling up, and warm places to go, for many, many years, so I don't really see how it could be child abuse to bundle up your children and go outside for a couple hours.And goof...c'mon, wtf? There's a guy standing there with a fucking t-shirt on. Babies get bundled up. If someone can walk around with a t shirt, surely a bundled up baby, with a tent over the stroller, will be comfortable for some time.

Anyway goof, don't you have better things to do with your time, then take pictures of children without their parents permission or consent?  Seems more than a little creepy don't you think?  There is one thing though, that's been running through my mind. I may have mentioned it before, in that I mean goof, in every way, except one.  Well, now you're making me wonder.

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