Thursday, April 18, 2013


The recent bombing in Boston has got me pissed off. (and a "missile" attack on a Texas fertilizer plant) Yes, someone or someones, killed and maimed people.  Same thing happens to people every day in countries that we bomb.  And yes, I say we, because the nation state of canada, has been best bud's of the nation state of the u.s. since as long as anyone can really remember.  Ya, sometimes we have our differences, (lumber in bc...) but canada always seems to be at the u.s.' beck and call.

 I don't think innocents should ever die.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that the u.s. deserves to get bomb, or have planes flown into it's buildings, but I also think they do invite retaliation with these endless wars for power and resources. But, that's not why I'm writing this.  I'm writing this, because of the endless bullshit that shows up on my facebook wall, every time some major catastrophic event happens where people die.  Boston Marathon, Newtown, Sandy Hook, and that's just within the last little while.  Do all of these events have to be some sort of false flag operation, where you get to call people what you want, because you think you know better, because someone like alex fucking jones feeds you bullshit, which you shovel down like ice cream, when it's really, just some runny shit.

Every "truther"(although I never used or liked the term myself) like myself(formerly), should eventually, WAKE UP!  Like I used to say all the time on my wall.  Well, I took my own advice.  Take a little bit of time, and do some research.  On how to do research.   Remember grade school science class?  Ya, that wasn't meant to enslave you...that was meant to educate you about how the universe works.  Most of your conspiracies, require a different universe.  Where the laws of physics change a bit...

The first conspiracy theory that I was ever really exposed to was that of JFK's assisination.  And all I got to say is, "Back and to the left.  .... Back and to the left." ~Bill Hicks  The next big one, actually happened in my lifetime.  9/11 and controlled demolition.  3 skyscrapers, and numerous other buildings fell, as the debris from the falling towers fell on them, after planes had ripped through the superstructure.  And even though, there has never been any credible evidence of a controlled demolition, other than the video's, which, if you take a closer look, don't actually look like controlled demolitions at all.  Take a look at a controlled demolition.

 Notice how the WHOLE building falls into itself.  For the most part.  Then look at the towers falling(easy to find on youtube).  With the exception of building 7, which had burned UNCONTROLLABLY, 7-8 hours before falling, as rescue workers were notably busy with casualties, the 2 towers fell from the top down.

now, you conspiracy theorist's are probably thinking right now, but that video proves 9/11 was an inside job.    Look how they fell, and it looked exactly like 9/11.  And sorry, but no, you're wrong.  I post that video, because it shows a "top down" demolition.  Which mimics exactly what happened to the towers.  A point of impact or fault is introduced to the structure, thereby compromising the entire thing.  With this building in the video, you can see that it was done properly, so that the building falls into its own footprint.  HEY LOOK!!! IT FUCKING PANCAKED! (below the point of fault) With 9/11, you can clearly see one of the towers tilting before collapsing on itself.  If you understand some basic physics concepts, like thermodynamics, and can actually look up the facts, such as the structural strenth of steel and concrete, plus grade school science like mass x acceleration=force(that's actually a calculation which can do) can give you approx. numbers on 9/11.  It doesn't take much to realize that the impact of a fueled plane, could easily damage the towers, and that after an hour of fire,(what, you think the jet fuel is the only thing that burns in office towers?)

I know, it's hard.  But it's time for you to finally wake up, and reject that which needs to be rejected, accept that which is left over. That's really your RESPONSIBILITY. You might come to some interesting conclusions, nothing of which that should stop you from activism.  All of which should make you want to fight even harder.  I've been rejected many people over the last while, because I can't deal with bullshit conspiracies.  I've been pre-empting many discussion's that will only lead to me being angry, because I can't handle idiots who can't handle basic science.

 Or wallow in the feeling that there's nothing to be done, the end is nigh, and the struggle can never be won, and we should just go hide out in the woods somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, I totally recognize the value of the skills many of my truther friends have.  But I totally reject the fallacies that led some to that point.  Honestly, it's the lack of understanding both sides to every story that gets me.  Have you ever honestly spent the time trying to disprove your theories?  Because that's what real research is.  You can "prove" anything.  But to really prove something, you have to totally disprove every other theory on the subject.   Something most conspiracy theorist never try to do, but instead distract with questions that aren't related at all.  And subject themselves to confirmation bias, and totally ignore the facts of any given situation, if it doesn't agree with the theory.

I'm just angry that so many people have fallen for this shit.  Including myself.  Because I rejected(not entirely, but mostly) grade school science.  Until I realized that in order to move forward, I needed to accept that I was wrong, on many things, because I didn't study properly.   I still am wrong from time to time, and if I am, challenge me.  Prove it.  Otherwise, shut it.  I really don't have time to listen to some people talk about bullshit.  Scientists and researchers always want to prove their theory, but in order to get there, they have to disprove all other options.  Conspiracy theorist also want to prove their theory, but in order to be a conspiracy theorist, you basically have to accept that science, the stuff you learned in grade school, should be thrown out the window, any argument you hear from someone else against your views should be automatically challenged, because it distracts from the "truth", and that person is probably a gov't agent, or mkultra'd.  Instead of of thinking, "Hmmm, maybe I am being an asshole.  Maybe I should learn how to research, and how to check my sources properly."

Man, I wish I got mkultra'd.  At least the drugs would have been better.

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