Monday, November 19, 2012

Ignorance in Canada

Over the past few months there has been a growing concern in the activist community regarding certain groups based in Victoria B.C. is one of these groups.  Leading the charge of racist hate is none other than the man known as ryan elson…or is it john pettitt?  Not really sure, because he doesn’t like giving his real name out.  Not that I have that much of a problem with pseudonyms  but this twit really likes to bash those who ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING!  In other words, ryan/john is a hypocrite.

Ryan Elson?  Or John Pettitt? (don't worry, we'll get a better one of ya soon enough :)

But check this vid out, entitled “Soft-Genocide of caucasians in canada“, in which “ryan” tells the guy at the Human Rights Commission that white people are being discriminated against in a new law.  I personally haven’t read this act, because, well, lets face facts here.  A soft white genocide?  Laugh my ass off!  Then there’s this posting by “john”…  If that doesn’t say white pride to you, then I don’t know what does.
Anyway, this isn’t the first crazy we’ve seen from “john”.  A few months ago, he released this video, entitled “the shills of occupy canada” in which he proceeds to libel and slander everyone who is in a closed group on facebook.  A group which was created by myself and others, to help the various occupy groups across Canada organize together, free of government interference.(btw, thanks for letting us know about brotherwolf wolf ryan.  You are right, he was trying infiltrate.  But we don’t like police informants, so thanks for heads up)  But according to “Ryan” we’re a bunch of communist shills, bent on taking over the country and remaking into a socialist utopia.  (LOL)
Most recently, he was involved in an action in Victoria, where they (WAC Vic) invited a known white supremicist to speak to speak at a rally on the BC Legislature.   Helpful activist’s got word that Doug Christie was on the speakers list, and set about informing the other speakers what was up.   When the members of WeAreCrazyVictoria found out that their speaker was being “censored”, and that a counter protest was being staged not far from from their rally, “ryan” and 2 other ignorants scum suckers walked over and started screaming in Zoe Blunt’s face.  She appropriately responded with a“Back of racist scum” on the megaphone, cranked up to 11.
Zoe’s account can be found here.  Right after this incident, the bullies got pulled aside by the police, and told to back off.  See what happens when you support racist scum? :D

Another supporter of WeAreCrazyVictoria is Josh Steffler. He’s been running for public office, and I can’t see him winning.  I mean, when you support racism and bigotry, what do you expect?  Also, all this talk of chemtrails, the zionist takeover, and other conspiracy bullshit, probably doesn’t help either.  When you base your platform in fact, then you might actually get some votes.  When you base it on fiction, well don’t be surprised when you find out that you can’t win, because you lack those critical thinking skills you need to be able to discern fact from fiction.
greg renouf, unsurprisingly, also supports WeAreCrazyVictoria.  Apparently, when you’re an oppressive ignorant twit, you hang around with other oppressive ignorant twits.  greg is best known for his never ending attacks on activists, notably, the “Harsha Gone Wild” campaign of his, in which he uses that misogynistic title attack and defame Harsha Walia.  Last I checked “Harsha gone wild” is a sexist remark.  And anyone in their right mind would say the same.  But this is lost on rengoof.  Instead of owning up to his own sexism, he attacks others who have called him out on it, on the mistaken belief that he can’t be a sexist, because “thats not what he meant”
You can see more of gregs bullshit rantings, including the numerous post’s where he says that Occupy is being paid for by George Soros and Tides.  Actually, all of these people that I’ve mentioned in this post believe that.  Check out their their websites if you don’t believe me.  Gregs is GenuineWitless.goof, Ryan’s is , and Josh’s can be found here.  I’m still waiting for my cheque George, if you’re reading this….

This is my personal message those these asholes.
This defamation will not be tolerated any longer.  There is a group of us, who are working on a project to expose these ignorant twits.   The libelling and slander must stop.  If it continues, expect there to be consequences.  You’ve already had to deal with some of the fallout that you’ve caused yourselves, do you really want more?  I think it’s high time you crawled back into the hole whence you came.  If you can learn to treat others with respect, then we might considering letting up.  But until you either crawl back in the hole, or grow the eff up, you will have no place within the activist community.  You will be called names, attacked online, and maybe even in person.(not by me, I don’t do that shit, but I can see why some would want to)  But what do you expect when you trade in life is libel, slander, and defamation?

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