Monday, December 31, 2012

Wait a mean to tell me the world didn't end?

Happy New Year!  How many of you thought we were all gonna die?  How many of you actually thought the world was gonna end?  Did  you know that's exactly what the elites wanted from you this year?  To distract you from what was really going down?

Ya, we had occupy, we had strikes, we had some wicked actions that led to some changes in how people think about things.  But what we really need to do now, is ramp up those actions.  We want to see some change?  DO SOMETHING! And by that, I don't mean liking and sharing shit on facebook, I mean get out into the community, and start interacting with your neighbours.  Seek out those who need some help and solidarity.  Plan a Food Not Bombs meal.  Set up a Safe Space for womyn sex workers in your community.  Get your camera and cover the things the mainstream shy's away from.  Write letters, sign petitions.  DO SOMETHING!

I've been doing something for some time now.  My wife's daughter just told me that "I really respect what you do, and what you stand for. I never realised how apathetic people can be, and you're really, like inspiring. What's the point of life if you don't care about anything at all?"  This brought tears to my eyes.  Because the simple fact of the matter is this.  I'm not doing what I'm doing, for fame, or fortune.  (not to say that I wouldn't like a bit of fortune, hint hint, wink wink)  My grandparents generation didn't care enough, my parents generation didn't care enough, and my generation seems to not give a fuck either.  At the expense of our children.  I don't have any children of my own, mind you.   I can't bear the thought of bringing a child into this world.  A world that runs on greed and power.  Money and corruption.  Capitalism.  My goal is to ultimately bring an end to capitalism.  And to help build a world where we actually care about one another.  Because only those who can see that, are doing anything about it.  The rest, are too comfortable in their white picket fence lives, that they mostly refuse to see what's really going on.  Or even if they do see it, they do nothing about it.

I watched a vid on youtube last night about racism.  How many people would actually step in, and CHANGE something, if they saw it happen.  About 20 out of hundred people spoke up when they saw overt racism.  80 people did nothing. NOTHING!

And people wonder why I say society is full of FUCKING SHEEP!  BAAAA WAKE THE FUCK UP!  CAPITALISM EFFECTS EVERYONE!  You might be wondering why I'm tying capitalism to racism.  I'll tell you.  Because without capitalism, racism would not exist.  Or if it did, not nearly the violent form it takes now.  Neo-nazi goofs, will tell you that the minorities are taking jobs away from white people.  The real issue though, is class, perpetuated by a capitalist system, which does nothing but marginalize those with less status.  IE money and power.  Capitalism creates injustice by it's very existence.  One would have thought that we so called intelligent humans, would have created a system that doesn't perpetuate racism, classism, oppression and greed.  Lets do that this year.  Let 2013 be the year humanity became humane.

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