Thursday, November 15, 2012

Response to "xtofury" "Ryan Elson" "John Pettitt" "stealthc" "goofboywannabe"

tell your buds to stop using our logo.  Might have to go after them for intellectual copyright...and actually have a valid claim.  newayz, you're irrelevant. get used to it. Guess what.  So am I.  you fucking goofs just want to attack attack attack attack.  Yes, goofs.  and I mean every single meaning I know except for one.  You call yourself "we are change". HA!  what change?  the only change you goofs have made, is that now we jokingly refer to witless's site if we want to know if someone is solid.  Generally speaking, if they've been listed, then they're probably cool.  Your site too, till it mysterious disappeared from the netz. LOLZ!!!! (don't worry, I don't promote hate speech, so I'm sure we'll be back soon. :D)

But hey, maybe you just enjoy misogyny and racism.  That's cool.  But maybe you should just keep those opinions to yourself.  They're not edifying anyone.  They only serve to expose you for the wacko's you are.  A "soft white genocide"?  Are you joking?  What are you smoking? meth? heroin? crack? pcp?  cuz it certainly ain't just much do you need to smoke before you start developing signs of psychosis if you're susceptible to it?

The one thing you need to take away from all this.  Start learning about oppression.  Patriarchy.  Privilege.  Misogyny.  Once you've spent some time acquainting yourself with these subjects, ask yourself, "What am I doing?"

Time to join the real world.  You are ignorant.  And you are divisive.  All you are doing is spreading around hate.  Helping to perpetuate it.  And I'm calling you out.  You want to support oppression?  K, let's see how much you enjoy it.  Website still down? yup..  cooooool.

surprising to see oppression from someone who identifies as an oppressed class.

Got some real work to do.  Play time's over.  Have fun in obscurity. :D


  1. oh ryan....thank you soooo much for the laughs. Can't wait!!! Like I said before on Zoe's blog, BRING IT ON ASSHOLES! btw, thanks for illustrating the cracks in my armor. You can be sure it won't happen again.

  2. larry, your just an ignorant misogynist. The whole world knows what a twit you are. So much so, that they don't even care.

  3. Lawrence if you were so honest you and Ryan wouldn't be banning people right and left from your respective FaceBook Groups, because you didn't like, but couldn't argue against, the message. My invitation remains open.