Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why we need to be intersectional.

You know why we on the left have to be intersectional? Because those on the right have been at it for years. Think about it, those who hate, hate everyone, and will believe anything. So it isn't hard to see that those on the right would be willing to work with eachother more willingly. Militias, KKK, white pride groups, libertarians, and conservatives/republicans have been working together for, well, just about ever.

This is easy for them. With such a low value moral compass, they are unable to discern right from wrong, and can't be bothered checking facts and sources, because quite plain and simply, they're fucking lazy scumfucks.

We're in a very dark time in human history. And it's gonna get worse before it gets better. And liberals(and everyone else really) needs to stop being so resistant to the idea of intersectional activism. The right hasn't, and it's gotten them trump, and harper. 2 of the most vile racist this continent has ever seen in a leader.

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