Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Just because you don't always hear about us activist's in the news, doesn't mean we're not still here and working to make the world a better place.  Why aren't you doing the same?  Why aren't you doing something?%#$#

Step one for those who can.  Work contracts.  Step two, stop paying into the system as much as you possibly can.  Grow your own food, and learn how to process it.  Withold taxes.  Stop paying them where you can.  The whole system is morally bankrupt, so step 3, is merely, do what you can, where you can, when you can, and however the fuck you can.(that's reallly one step, but I liked the sentence, so I leave it :-)===)  Angry with the corporate state?  Smash it.  Destroy it.  Even a little.  Want to smash patriarchy?  Kill a rapist.  How abouts organizing a mass march against racism at the exact same time as white power nazi scum decide to march, on the same route.  Make sure to bring some hard flagpoles with the black and reds held high.  And remember who it was that was saluting the harper gov't when bill c-304 was passed.  Go to meetings, help organize community events, like round dances in solidarity with Idle No More and rallies in support of the Palestinian people.  Speak loudly on buses, in public places about these problems.  I want my conversations overheard.  I want people to start talking about issues with eachother, or at the very least, go educate themselves when they get home.  I want them to stop whatever it is they're doing, and demand and work for POSITIVE change.  Not the sham that THEY benefit politically and economically from.

Barak promised change.  But he's just brought more of the same.  Kind of glad that stephens main voting strategy was kittens and sweater vests..  Had it been something more intelligent, well, I'd hate to think of what kind of crap he'd spew.  I can actually kinda see it now...  Thousands of people on parliament hill.  Spilling out onto the street. Right hands held straight and high.  The chanting of the crowd.  Hail harper! Hail harper!

But seriously, harper seems to think that he and his cronies can run this pony show.  And run many of the same things just as badly as previous generations.  We are sure to get more of the same in the future.  Unless people are willing and able to make the changes in their own lives, to benefit their communities first. First off, to see exactly what it is they are missing from most mainstream sources, because, it's not like the public fool system really ever teaches kids about the problems with the state in civics class, instead preferring to just brush off questions on many aspects, because "delving into the details would take too long, curtis."  or whatever.  I've had bad teachers and good teachers, but I didn't learn about civics in class.  Yeah, good for the system.  Could have made things a lot clearer, but instead we only get a one sided view.  Because if you knew the limits, you'd realize, that they are there for the protection of the state, not the citizen.   As pointed out before, a morally bankrupt state.  A state enforced by a thug class, who walk around with guns, billy clubs, tasers, and steel toed boots, ready to attack and/or intimidate those who randomly try to exercise their rights.

Anyway, there is a cat scratching the door, a cold wind blowing, and the possibility of pigs being across the street is high.  I wonder if they're idling?

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