Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Greg Renouf is a goof..

This guy just doesn't get it.  Lacks the capacity to learn, and has a huge capacity for doubletalk.  So, well, I guess that makes him good at learning doubletalk...

So this goof, decides he wants to go on some crusade about me...ok.  Hey asshole, everyone makes mistakes. That RT interview was not my best, but I did make the real points clear enough.  That I don't support idiots acting out of anger...Such as yourself greg.  So, you've been banned from occupy toronto and vancouver, and yet you think you can still attend.  Fuck yourself loser.  You're misogyny is quite telling, and you're idiocy even more so.  Telling someone to stick their head in an oven, while not very nice, has nothing to do with the holocaust, and anyone who thinks so, is A FUCKING MORON.  That goes out to not just mr goof, but certain members within the occupy movement, who I am unable to name...oh ya... and celina dycke too.

But anyway, so the members of OTME have decided to put me on a short term ban.  Which I find extremely hilarious, as I don't post there anyway.  Also, as this had nothing to do with occupy, I don't even understand why they bothered with this.  To each their own.  I hear they all agreed with me, but in the end, for some god unknown reason, they VOTEDagainst me...  Again, lmao...

Oh, btw, this goof, has threatened members of the activist community with police involvement, because he doesn't agree with their tactics.  This guy has no solidarity, no sense of what is right and wrong, and a misguided belief that he is the end all, be all, of activism.  He wants to be a fucking goof, than let him.  Oh ya, my page isn't for losers to comment, so if you're going to a fucking loser, do me a favour and refrain from your moronic post's.  If you do, don't complain censorship.  This is my wall assholes.  Go stick your head in an oven.

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