Monday, January 9, 2012

Class Warfare

Electro Motive Diesel in London, ontario, has locked out it's workers, because the workers will not accept the CATshit flung at them by the management of EMD. The want an over 50% wage cut, and a lessening of benefits across the board.

This shutdown affects more than just the workers of EMD. It also affects the nearly 2000 supply and logistics job's in the local economy as well. Not to mention the fact that these workers have families, and loved ones, who are now going to have to find other ways of surviving due to the callous and greedy bastards that run this company.

EMD, which is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc, has been making record profits. In fact, I believe that over 300 million every quarter is number.(don't quote me, but I know it's near there) Why does this company want to slash wages and benefits? Callous and Greed FUCKIN BASTARDS!

So, I'm doing some numbers here. If you're making 70 grand a year, you're doing ok. Most of these guys have families to take care of, and the work they do is dangerous, not to mention, that if they fuck it up, the potential to kill hundreds, if not thousands exists. Not only is the work dangerous though, many of the chemicals and equipment will take more than a few years off their lives. They get paid a bit more, to offset this. They sacrifice their later years, so that they can support their loved ones, and make sure that they are taken care of when they themselves are gone. They've bought houses, with mortgages based upon their income. Cut that in half, and we'll see how many won't even be able to pay their bills anymore, much less keep their homes.


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