Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stephen harper is a traitor

people of canada
your government is under siege
The bankers are stealing your money, to line their own pockets
for nefarious ends
the creation of a central database of all human beings and
the collection of illegal fee's using the income tax act
an act, written up in a time of war, to be repealed when the war ended
the creation of genetically modified foods, the longterm effects of which are unknown,
and now going so far, as to create laws that make non GMO plants and seeds illegal*bill c 36
the use of fluoride in the water
call the poison control, and tell them you ate a tube of toothpaste
fluoride builds up in your system, and like all poison's has detrimental effects
but your government mandates the use of it in your water
so why do they tell us to spit out the toothpaste when your done?
using our soldiers as human shields, in wars in sovereign nations who had done us no harm, and never intended "us" any harm
mainly due to the fact that at the time, you would be a fool to piss off banksters of canada, funding, however indirectly, your own jihad
and your a fool to believe canada is blameless in world affairs
take stephen harpers recent statement that canada is morally bound to support is ra el
canada is morally bound to support no side, except that of the innocent men women and children of Palestine being slaughtered and made into terrorists by the is ra el i military
and do not mistake this for anti semitic either you dumb sheep
i have Jewish friends, some of whom even, are also against is ra el
how can anyone stand with a terrorist state, and not be one as well?

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